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Frequently Asked Questions re: Kosi Bay

Thinking of holidaying in Kosi Bay? Here’s what you need to know before you make any decisions . . .


Driving times/distances:

from Gauteng: the journey can still take anything between 9/nine and 12/twelve hours - disregard the distance - these are not all good tarred highways! There are still some road-works along some of the main routes; the detour roads can be rough, and the road between Jozini and Kosi Bay aka KwaNgwanase aka eManguzi still has scattered potholes and plenty stray cattle and goats just itching to test your reaction time.

One Joburg-Kosi Bay route is what we call the southern option (minimal stop-go's/roadworks) :-
N3 to Heidelberg, then Standerton, Volksrust, Utrecht, Vryheid, Louwsburg, Magudu (30km hard gravel road from here to ...) Candover, then through Jozini and over the *dam wall ...

We can also recommend travelling via Swaziland ( in at Oshoek and out at Golela ). After exiting at Golela, join the N2 south, turn off at the Jozini/Northern Maputaland signboards, travel through Jozini (very carefully - the market sprawls everywhere!) and over the *dam wall ...

The most direct route is the N17/N2 via Ermelo. Piet Retief, Pongola, turn off at the Jozini/Northern Maputaland signboards and cross the *Pongolapoort dam wall, far less potholes between there and Bhambanane then ever before. . .

from Durban: it should take around 5.5/five and a half to 6.5/six and a half hours from Durban, via Hluhluwe (exit the N2 north at the Hluhluwe offramp, go through Hluhluwe and follow the signs) & past Mbazwane. Roads are in good condition, be very aware of the speed limits (60kph for long stretches) and very high speed humps, stray cattle and goats.

from Maputo: anything between 2/two and 3/three hours for the 100km from Maputo to Ponta do Ouro, the last time we heard … definitely only attempt this in a full 4WD vehicle.

What type of vehicle do you need?:

Yes ~ you can reach Kosi Moon Bed and Breakfast without a 4WD vehicle, most of the year 'round ~ IF you know how to drive in deep loose sand ~ IF you follow our instructions carefully ~ and for the times when there hasn't been enough rain to flatten and harden the sand, we will meet you nearby and get you in safely!  Once here though, your small car will stay parked and you will have to arrange and pay for excursions with independant operators. No nipping in and out to town for ciggies or water or anything else - when the sand's dry and powdery it takes a lot of skill to negotiate these sandy roads, comparable (we are told) to driving in snow, without the proper vehicle.

It is absolutely imperative you have your own 4WD when visiting in Peak Season (15 Dec- 15 Jan holiday period; and also Easter and other long weekends) ~ unless you have budgeted for the extra cost of excursions to the beaches and game parks, or are content to sit outside watching birdlife and contemplating the scenery, or to take short walks or long hikes through the sand-forest.

If you are hiring a vehicle for your visit to Kosi Bay you should ask for one of the following :- Honda CR-V or Daihatsu Terios 4x4 version or Hyundai Tuscon 4x4. Whatever you rent, make sure you check that it is an all-wheel drive - most of the rental companies' desk staff haven't a clue what the specs of their vehicles are so it's up to you to ensure you're getting what you ask for!

Beaches ~ access & distance from Kosi Moon:

Kosi Moon is not situated on or near a beach. The beaches are not visible from Kosi Moon. To reach any beach from here you will have to drive (in your 4wd/2x4) to the Permit Office, find out if they have an available permit for you, purchase a park entry permit for yourselves and your vehicle, and then drive to the beach you wish to visit for the day. If you don't have the right vehicle, you can drive to the entrance gate near Kosi Mouth, purchase your personal day entry permit & walk the 3km (one-way) to that beach. Alternatively arrange an excursion to take you to any one of the beaches.

No ~ you can not reach the beach parking lots without 4WD, or at the very least an all-wheel drive vehicle with good clearance, and sufficient experience of driving on deep loose sand; all of the beaches along our portion of the coastline are officially accessible ONLY with 4x4. There are those who will argue this point, and the gate officials often don’t realise that although certain vehicles resemble 4x4’s they are indeed not equipped to manage the sandy conditions. The roads are one vehicle width wide, and you will most probably get stuck, and annoy other visitors eager to reach the beach in their 4WD vehicles.

Kosi Mouth ( aka the Estuary ) is the closest beach to Kosi Moon - ±30minutes drive, including the detour to collect your permit from the Parks Board Camp offices. The other beaches are all at least 45mins to an hour's 4x4 drive from here. View the maps for clarity.

The beaches are all inside the Park and as such are permit controlled – this means you must purchase an entry permit daily for each person and each vehicle for each visit to each beach: Kosi Mouth (where the famous fish traps are most plentiful)  Bhanga Nek, Black Rock, Rocktail Bay and Lala Nek; this rule changes from day to day, staff member to staff member – so prepare for the most stringent rule of the moment and take no chances of being turned back after a long drive to a remote beach.

Lake Views:

There are views of 3rd Lake a.k.a Lake Nhlange from the front verandah and some of the rooms in the Main House. The lake is approximately a fifteen minute walk from Kosi Moon. View the maps for clarity.

Catering, Shops and Restaurants:

During Peak Season (15/12 - 15/1) and most public holiday weekends ALL bookings are on a self-catering basis - this means no meals are provided - you must cook all your meals yourselves.

eManguzi boasts a Superspar where most people do their grocery shopping, &  two Boxer Superstores & bottle stores. There’s nothing like Woollies here, so if you’re fussy about brands, bring food with you from home!

There is also a colourful, bustling daily market in the centre of town where fresh, homegrown vegetables & fruit can be purchased every day except a Sunday. Be aware that most of the fresh fish for sale in this area is classified as red or orange on the SASSI list - in other words *endangered species* and actually illegally caught and sold. If you have a conscience, refrain from supporting this industry.

There are crowds of people in the shops at certain times of the month – remember this is a rural area & accept that your shopping experience will not be comparable to your favourite mall back home.

There are a few 'restaurants' in the area, however they’re situated inside private lodges in the Kosi Bay area.


Kosi Bay is classed as a 'low-risk' malaria zone - taking prophylactics is your own personal choice. We do not live on preventatives; we prefer to monitor ourselves carefully and if symptoms should arise, have a blood test and treatment if necessary. Check with your paediatrician before bringing infants on holiday here.

There's a private doctor and a govt. hospital in eManguzi, in case of medical emergencies.


We do not wish to compete with other establishments in the area for the S.A.Family market. We're primarily here to provide a comfortable base for true nature-nurturers - those who wish to explore the beaches, the game parks, the forest on foot ...quietly and sedately. We do not have a special play-park, or special entertainment for children.


Our tap water at Kosi Moon B+B is potable - however we take no responsibility for those with sensitive stomachs, hence our recommendation you bring your own "bottled" water for drinking. It is fine to clean teeth with, and to make tea & coffee & cook with. The choice is yours whether to drink it!

The Border between Moçambique and us: The only number we have for the Farazela borderpost is : 035 592 9181. We take no responsibility for this being incorrect/not the one you want. Do not phone us to ask for another number - we really don't have any more information than you do at this point in time!

The border post ~ Farazela ~ is ±20kms from town. The offices open at 08h00 and close punctually at 17h00. There are odd occasions when they stay open for slightly longer hours, but make every effort to be there before five o’clock in the afternoon for safety’s sake. You will be asked to produce your vehicle papers; proof of ownership, or a letter of permission from the bank if it’s not paid off yet! or a letter from the rental company, allowing you to take it across the border. You must purchase third party insurance on the Moçambiquan side, (your South African Insurance is not valid there) and South African passport holders pay a minimal fee to the Moçambiquan authorities – currently around R20pp – and foreign passport holders can purchase a travel visa at the borderpost, cost dependant on nationality.

If things are STILL not clear, or you've thought of a question not answered here, call us on 083 294 5617 or 073 208 5101. Our landline : +27 (0) 35 592 9665 works sporadically, so if we don't answer when you dial that number (between 08h00 and 20h00 ONLY please - we also have business hours!!!) it's not because we're too lazy, deaf or not interested in taking bookings ... it'll be because we're not in the office or it's out of order again :)

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