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Horatio "Ratty" Squirrelpants Esq. of Kosi Bay (Final of 2010)


Our precious Horatio has gone to play in the Summerland. There will be no more stories here about his life.

The events that set this sad moment in motion began on Sunday 5th December 2010. Ratty was outdoors and so were the cats, Yin and Yang. Yang ran faster than Ratty did and managed to catch him and inflict some serious damage. I was spared watching this as I was away on a Vipassana course in the Cape. Despite searching everywhere, Ray wasn't able to find Ratty again until Tuesday 7th, when he found him lying outside on the ground, looking very unwell and unkempt. He carefully placed him in S.I.C.U (squirrel intensive care unit ~ the cage we usually use to keep new rescues in until they can be repatriated), where he gave him food and water and lots of tlc. When I got home that evening Ratty was reasonably alert, but very wobbly and unable to move his hindquarters. Wednesday morning he seemed much brighter, and after a breakfast of mango and peanuts, and drinks of water, he began gnawing at the bars of the cage, trying to get out. I allowed him to wander about on the floor for a while, in our office and safe from the cats, but could see that his tail was not functioning at all, and although he appeared to want to jump up, his hind legs weren't functioning properly. He settled back into his snug bed in S.I.C.U again - I brushed his beautiful auburn fur with a toothbrush for him, something he has always enjoyed, and he slept through the night. Thursday (yesterday) we saw that he was really not a happy squirrel. His abdomen was swollen, and he hadn't been able to perform any ablutions ... he was completely unable to hold himself upright for more than a couple of seconds. We knew it was probably time for him to go ... so we cuddled and stroked him, talked to him and told him it was okay to go to sleep now ... what agony to see a beloved creature in so much discomfort and not have the means to relieve the pain or heal the injuries. He passed on cradled in Ray's hands at two twenty-five that afternoon. We buried his remains in a little grave under the big tree, close to where our beloved Kiara's grave lies.

Go gently little squirrel ~ you enriched our lives and touched our hearts profoundly ~ you entertained everyone who met you ~ we shall miss you and remember you with deep affection.

Enjoy the Summerland


Note: The essence of the Summerland is that it is a resting ground where souls can reflect on the life they led, see if they learned the lesson they had intended on learning, and then try again in due course. The Summerland is not seen as a place of judgement, but rather, as a spiritual self-evaluation where a soul is able to review its life and gain an understanding of the total impact its actions had on the world. Some may believe each particular lesson (and hence, life) is chosen and planned out by the soul itself while in Summerland, whereas others may believe that lessons are planned by an external party...

Both despair and euphoria about death are an evasion. Death is neither depressing nor exciting; it is simply a fact of life" ~  Sogyal Rinpoche, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

"Each New Beginning is born only from the death of an Old Beginning" ~ Unknown






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