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Horatio "Ratty" Squirrelpants Esq. of Kosi Bay (Part XV11 of 2010)

It's been an age since I last had anything to share with you about Horatio . . .


Something that does need to be cleared up is the mistaken gender identification of Yin and Yang, our kitties. They are very definitely boy cats ~ pardon us for that error! When they became part of our household they were still a little young and under-developed for positive gender classification.

Not that the sex of our cats makes the slightest difference to how Horatio interacts with them ~ far from it. He gives them a WIDE berth at all times. He's developed a routine whereby he does a quick recce to find out whether the kitties are in the house or lounging in the sun out in the drying-yard ... if they're out ... he's IN for a quick cuddle and some peanuts.



Ratty enjoying breakfast at the Coconut Bowl ... al fresco

Horatio used to be quite safe visiting the Main House at breakfast times ... had the run of the place so to speak ~ however that has changed since Yin and Yang have discovered a safe route across the rooves to the House and now the two species vie for attention from the guests and whoever's in the kitchen when they arrive. Ratty is partial to the hard bits in the muesli jar, so usually if we give him a few of those to munch on, he's off to do normal squirrely things once he's satisfied his hunger.

He still bites every now and again ~ usually not the guests as they tend to handle him a little more carefully and tentatively than we do. A short while ago there was an incident in our little kitchen ~ Ratty was on the countertop, the cats were cruising the kitchen floor, and Ray was preparing a meal. Ratty misjudged his footing ( we think he lost his footing walking on a packet that was lying on the counter ) and went hurtling toward the floor ... and the cats ... Ray was quick enough to rescue the rodent from almost certain bodily harm, and in the catching got bitten severely by a very frightened little squirrel who probably thought he ought to bite HARD just in case it was the cat's jaws he was falling into ... much blood and cursing later, peace returned to our hearth and Ratty's been ever so careful about being in the same place as the cats ever since.



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